Flickr Boosts Upload Limits

Happy Holidays from Flickr… this is excellent news.

Beginning this month all Pro account will have totally unlimited storage and bandwidth. While probably only a fraction of Pro users were bumping up against the old 2GB-per-month upload limit, who can argue with unlimited? Free users have cause to celebrate, too: The per-month upload limit for free accounts has been bumped up to 100MB, a 500% increase over the previous 20MB limit.

I come no where close to hitting the 2gig upload limit as a Pro user, but it’s still nice to know that things are completely unlimited now. However, the upload increase for free users is a very big deal in my opinion. The 20meg upload bandwidth imposed on free users was really too restricting to be very useful for most people that I talked into signing up. 100meg should make things a lot more fun for new users.

Via: DownloadSquad


Chris Owens