Audiofaucet for Tivo

I installed Tivo’s Desktop software on my iMac a few nights ago. It lets you stream music from iTunes to the Tivo, but the interface lacks polish and features.

Tonight I ran across Audiofaucet, a third party program to stream/control music from iTunes or a folder from both Windows and OS X machines. The program has gotten a lot of recognition from the Tivo programming community, and is currently in public beta. I downloading the app and had it running on my Powerbook and iMac in seconds. The interface on the Tivo side of things is very slick, with the polished look of a modern application. Audiofaucet also lets you play audio from your Tivo, or play audio from the source computer. If you have your computer setup to a massive system already, the Tivo can serve as a controller for the computer… pretty slick.

If you’ve got a Series 2 Tivo setup on your network, I highly recommend you check out Audiofaucet at digitaldroplet.net. I’m looking forward to progress from this app, and will gladly pay for it when it gets out of beta.


Chris Owens

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  1. Thanks for the kind words about AudioFaucet. We’ve had alot of fun working on it. :-) If you run into any issues or have any ideas, please feel free to send them along!

    KC — one half of the AF development team.

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