Snipshot: Edit Pictures Online

My friend April just asked me for a way to resize an image without Photoshop. There are numerous ways to do it, but it reminded me of an online photo editing site I had seen that used a really slick AJAX interface. I started searching and after a few hits found it.

Snipshot (formerly called Pixoh) is a completely online photo editing tool that lets you edit images up to 10 megs in size. Snipshot lets you resize, crop, rotate, and do some simple color corrections like contrast, hue, and saturation. You can upload an image from your own computer or you can plug in a url for an image that is already up on the web.

There are plenty of free image editors out there. Gimp and Picasa come to mind right away. However, if you ever find yourself in a computer lab or at a friend’s house without the software you need, Snipshot could be a life saver.


Chris Owens