Interactive Light Bar

The “iBar” (guys.. really? iBar?) has a translucent top with projectors installed inside. It can detect objects on the surface and projects graphics linking them together… You really have to check out the video to see it in action. I’d love to know exactly how they are doing the surface detection. I couldn’t help but think of my own project (video) from my freshman Industrial Design studio last semester… and how I wish I had this level of sophistication in it.

At any rate, check out the link for a video and pictures.

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Chris Owens


  1. The iBar works by projecting a computer display on the surface of the bar (from underneath) which is a frosted plexiglass surface. It’s light diffusing which means that objects have to be close to the surface for it to cast a shadow. The actual surface detection is achieved with infrared cameras (so it won’t pickup the actual projection) and a motion capture algorithm. I have built several of these (not iBar’s, but interactive table tops). It’s nothing new to me.

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