Yahoo Buys Del.icio.us

It looks like Yahoo has it’s eyes set on forming a social networking empire. After buying Flickr and Upcoming.org it has now acquired Del.icio.us, a social bookmarking website. I first heard about this from Wired‘s RSS feed this morning, but later read more other places that said that Yahoo plans to offer some integration between Flickr and Del.icio.us in Yahoo’s new “My Web” service. It will be interesting to see how My Web pans out.

I have been using Del.icio.us for quite a while now, but not to it’s fullest potential. I use it to keep sites I may want to find from other locations later, as well as keeping a list of what I deem to be note-worthy videos from Google’s video site. Del.icio.us’s ability to serve RSS feeds based on tags makes it a great tool for building community link pages.

Via: Wired

Chris Owens

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  1. They seem to be buying cool things, instead of building cool things.
    Maybe they forgt how.

    Maybe they never knew.

    Personally i think they should have hired people with cool ideas, instead of building already established ideas…. i wish yahoo would spend money on risky and nifty things instead of being the virus that takes over already established “good ideas”

    But i guess that’s why they’re a filthy rich company, and i’m not :-)

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