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Always be careful when you’re hooking up your electronics. The other night I decided that it would be a good time to backup my 30+ Gig of photos to my external hard drive. I grabbed my cheap external enclosure and plugged the wrong power supply into it. The plug fit, but the voltage didn’t. The LEDs flashed and a puff of smoke came from the seams of the case. I popped the thing apart and found a very small spot on the circuit board completely melted down. I’m hoping the power spike didn’t hit the hard drive, a 160 Gig. I didn’t have anything important on it, but I’d hate to lose a hard drive that large.

Just a few moments ago I ordered a black Vantec Nexstar 3.5″ USB enclosure from SVC.com. I’ve had my eye on the enclosure ever since it was announced, and I think I must have subconsciously plugged the wrong power supply into my old enclosure just so I’d have an excuse to go ahead and buy the Nexstar 3.

Chris Owens


  1. Ah, the power of the human mind ;)

    Funny thing is, I can remember back when I was 15 or so, I fried a 20Mb hard drive and the seperate ISA drive controller. I was devastated; it was my largest drive and quite expensive.

    These days I have two 600 Gb RAID-5 IDE arrays totally 1.2 Tb. I am sure in 5 more years these storage amounts will seem small and clumsy. We have seen Kb change to Mb change to Gb and now the Tb devices are starting to appear. Can’t wait for the exa- and petabyte devices :P

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