The Backstroke of the West

There is a great post over at about the latest Star Wars movie. After seeing the movie with a friend, Jeremy decided that he enjoyed it enough to give a pirated DVD copy a shot since it was only a few bucks. Since the movie was dubbed in Chinese, it also had English subtitles (and counters running across the top in case that’s how you keep track of the plot). In his post, Jeremy has captured some of the ‘highlights’ of the botched translation from Chinese back to English. In many places the subtitles completely contradict text that is written on screen already, such as the title at the start of the movie (Star War vs. Star Wars). My friend Alan sent me this link while I was hanging out in a student lounge on campus, and I had to quit reading it because my face was turning red and I was losing control of my face I was laughing so hard. Be sure to give this post a look!



Chris Owens