Yahoo Buys Konfabulator – Now Free

In a move that honestly took me by complete surprise, Yahoo has bought Konfabulator, an excellent tool for loading mini-applications onto your desktop while having them duck out of the way when not needed. For more information, check out the Konfabulator Information page.

I had messed with Konfabulator a few times in the past, but I could never justify the price tag. However, with the aquisition by Yahoo, the product is now free. This product, which was once Mac only, is also availible for both Windows and Mac. Now that Konfabulator is free on both platforms I’m wondering if people who run both Windows and Mac systems will ditch Dashboard on Mac and go with Konfabulator so that they may have the same widgets on both machines. I guess my real curiosity is whether I’m going to end up doing that. I’m installing Konfabulator on my Windows machine as I write this. When I tried it previously the software seemed to be crippled by an extreme ammount of overhead, and hopefully that has been addressed.

[Exciting Edit!]
Update! So I just installed Konfabulator and all of the widgets have been updated. Most exciting to me, is that the Picture widget, which rotates images on your desktop, will plug directly into your Flickr account. You can select to see your own pictures, pictures of all of your contacts, or pictures of your particular contacts. I, personally, find this very exciting. I also see this as a payoff from when Yahoo bought Flickr. Great to see good things happening.

So head on over to konfabulator.com and check the software out.

Link: Konfabulator.com

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Chris Owens

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  1. One of the things that depressed me most when Tiger was released was that I could never have the same dashboard like functionality in Windows. Not until I found out about this app! From gmail notification, to WiFi/CPU/Memory usage meters… and especially Flickr photo frames, this program OWNS! And it uses next to nothing as far as resources!

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