– Tag Your Colrs

My buddy Mesh has brought attention to what I see as an excellent tool for graphic designers, web developers, interface designers, artists, photographers, and a whole slew of other creative types. is to colors what Flickr is to pictures (I wonder where they got the idea for the spelling of their name?). As time progresses, the users of are collectively tagging every color we can reproduce. Do you want a color that’s about the shade of a pear? Search for pear tags and you’re presented with a myriad of appropriate hex values. As you look around and colors inspire you, you can add your own tags and help catalog the database.

I haven’t had much time to play with it yet, but Mesh has been keeping an eye on it for a good deal of time now, so be sure to head over to his post for a much more informative write up on the site.




Chris Owens