Fuzzy Clock for OS X

1’M 2 1337!
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I just wanted to make a quick post about an application I’ve been running on my Powerbook for a little while now, Fuzzy Clock (freeware). Fuzzy clock can be used to replace the system clock that lives up in the menu bar of Mac OS X. It puts the time in words instead of numbers.

12:30 becomes “Half Past Twelve”
4:45 becomes “Quarter to Five”

I love it just because it’s different. You can also customize it to say what you want during certain time spans. I have mine setup to say “tomorrow!” at midnight. While I was showing the app to my Aunt this last weekend I realized that there are a ton of localizations (translation settings) built into Fuzzy Clock. One of these is “Hacker”, which presents the time in “leet speak”. This is so much fun to look at I couldn’t help myself. I’m pretty surprised at how easy the time is to read, as I’m rarely struggling the decode what the words are. If you’d like to make your Mac just a little different from the rest give Fuzzy Clock a try and customize it to your liking.

Chris Owens


  1. That’s my favourite part of Linux. That’s great! Can you edit the level of fuziness?

  2. I’m not sure… what would be some examples of varying fuzziness levels?

  3. Well in Slackware and all other flavors the minimial fuzziness would be like what you put and max might be something like “middle of the week”.

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