Yahoo 360 – Invitations Available

I’ve been playing around with Yahoo 360 a bit for the past few days. Thanks to Mesh for giving me an invitation to the currently closed-beta. Yahoo 360 is interesting, and it certainly looks like it can overtake sites like Livejournal and Xanga if they play their cards right. However, before they can do that they will need to offer customizable templates that let users shed their space of the Yahoo corporate image.

This post is not intended to be a review though. Mostly I just want to offer up invitations into the Yahoo 360 beta for anyone who wants one. Just post your e-mail as a comment, or contact me directly through e-mail (ocellnuri [@t] gmail [d0t] com), and I’ll send an invitation your way. I have nearly 100, so I’m not worried about running out any time soon. The best way to test out this new community is to get people into it, and to get content flowing.

[Update] Or an even easier way for both of us would be for you to head over to the Sinceretheory 360 Signup Page and fill out a form for your invitation. (You can thank Mesh for the signup page.)

P.S. Of course you can contact me if you’d like a Gmail invite as well.

Chris Owens


  1. Good deal! Be sure to add me as a friend once you get signed up!

  2. Hi! I also used the link. Thank you for providing it. Have a wonderful day! :-)

  3. I have deleted comments that had their e-mail’s listed in them so no one has any spam issues. (It is ok to post your e-mail here, I’ll just delete it after you get your invite.)

    I hope everyone is enjoying 360!

  4. oooh, shiny powerbook picture up top. :)

    I’m a little skeptical that 360 will actually be any more useful than (if even as useful as) things like Multiply and Tribe (which are far more useful than the more hyped social networking sites like Friendster and Orkut) but I’d like to give it a try.

    My email is my first name and last name concatenated, at Gmail or Yahoo.

    Mahalo nui loa.

  5. I sent a request to your email addy! The link would not work on my computer at work. :(
    Thank you

  6. Hi Im very much interested in setting up a tech blog… can u please send me an invitation to yahoo 360….

    I need it very badly. it wud help a lot… Thanks


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