Xbox 360 Dev Kit PIctures

It’s almost common knowledge now that Microsoft has built their Xbox 360 (Xbox2) development kits inside Apple’s Powermac G5 tower. This is because (if memory serves me correctly) the next Xbox will actually use a PowerPC processor, developed and built by IBM. TeamXbox posted a story this morning featuring a picture of the Xbox 360 development kit that was posted at Macned, a European Mac enthusiast website.

I guess an obvious point of irony here is that Microsoft’s development kit is visually nothing more than an Apple G5 tower with some metallic Microsoft stickers on it. The rumored specs of the kit are a dual G5 CPU setup with 512meg of RAM and an ATI X800 GPU. The detail I get the most chuckles from, however, is the name of the kit. Microsoft calls this the “Xenon” development kit. As you may know, Intel builds the Xenon line of CPUs. Was this Microsoft Game Studios making a stab at Intel for losing a bid to produce the next Xbox’s CPU? I’m not sure, and I’m merely posing speculation. However, I can’t think of a single item that holds more irony in the world of tech.

A Microsoft Branded Apple G5, which is a PowerPC architecture machine, named Xenon.

Xenon Development Kit Photo
Via: TeamXbox

Chris Owens