NIN GarageBand Remix

Trent Reznor has released a single from the up coming Nine Inch Nails album, “The Hand That Feeds”. What’s special about that? He has released it as a multi-track GarageBand project file. This lets anyone with GarageBand remix the song to their liking. I have downloaded the package, but I haven’t had time to mess with it yet. I’m very interested to see what the community does with the single. I’m also interested to see if this becomes common place as a way for artists to connect with their fans. Forget wallpapers and ringtones… this could be a new way to really get your fans to dive into your world, and become a part of it themselves.

[Update] After downloading and trying the file for myself, I found out that it requires GarageBand 2.0 (Bummer!). So you’re going to need the latest iLife to mess with this. All of us out there with GarageBand 1.0 are out of luck. Great idea, but what a drag!

Read about it at the NIN site and grab the file for yourself.

Via sinceretheory

Chris Owens