Google Video – Upload and Sell

Google has taken the next step in their Google Video service. Google is now inviting the public to upload their own video to the Google servers, where they will be integrated into the video.google.com search. Currently video.google.com searches the closed captioning records of recently aired TV shows, and allows you to see snippets of dialog with images captured from the broadcast.

Google says that in the near future, the video you upload will be searchable, previewable, and purchasable by the public. All of the details are outlined in the FAQ.

This certainly looks interesting. This may really impact the way we distribute news and paid programming. certainly something to keep an eye on.

Read the Google Blog post.

Chris Owens


  1. What’s going to be really cool is when this integrates with Picasa. That way I’ll be able to take videos captured on my digital camera (not camcorder) and have them uploaded online to share with friends!

  2. Oh yeah, great point Shahrum. Hopefully we’ll see some integration with Blogger as well. (At least I have a bit of a vested interest in such integration)

    I’m just curious how much the copyright issue is going to muck things up. Are they going to ask to see licensing for music edited over home-made videos? How about videos of someone’s video game performance, or a tutorial on how to use software? (These points have been stolen from
    >Mesh’s post on Google Video

  3. google SMS is sweet, too. seems like a natural progression for google, which kinda makes you wonder what took them so long to develop it.

  4. True true. Maybe some Creative Commons type stuff will come into play!

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