Bubbler – "Media-rich blogs at lightning speed."

My (amazingly awesome) girlfriend recently told me about a new blogging service called Bubbler. Bubbler promises “media-rich blogs at lightning speed.” Bubbler is built around the idea that multiple users can communicate instantly, with all forms of media, through blogs that are tied into the Bubbler client. I have been playing with this by myself so far, and I don’t have any other blogs to link up to, so I’m pretty certain that I haven’t grasped the point of this service yet. As an individual publishing content, it doesn’t seem to hold any true advantages yet (except for the apparently unlimited hosting space offered!). When you get a few people linked up though, I can see how this is much like having a group of sites’ feeds merged together in a news aggregator.

The service was obviously built on the Mac operating system first, as the website features screenshots of the client taken from the OSX environment. Bubbler offers a Windows client that I haven’t tried yet personally, however Mesh tried it out last night and told me that it was pretty sketchy. The OSX client has quite a few bugs itself, but I’m sure these kinks will get ironed out as development on Bubbler continues.

You can check out my own little test account at http://bubbler.net/chris_owens/home. You can also read my thoughts and experiences as I play with the service more. Will this replace Blogger/Wordpress/MovableType as the tool of choice in the blogsphere? I highly doubt it, at least not for individuals that want to publish content to the public. However, I can see this as a very useful tool for teams working on projects over the internet, easily facilitating collaboration on programs, music, and more through it’s nearly-seamless integration of multimedia uploading and hosting.

If you decide to grab a Bubbler account to try it out, be sure to leave a comment here with your account information so we can link up and test out the community aspect of the service. We can have our own Ocell.Blog community! ;-)

Chris Owens