Belkin iPod Auto Kit

Belkin Car Kit
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I’ve finally got my iPod decked out with all of the proper equipment. The main component of this iPod setup is the Belkin iPod Auto Kit. This is a charger that plugs into the dock connector at the bottom of the iPod (pictured right), and it also provides a 3.5mm stereo audio output on the power plug. I have a 4-port cigarette lighter hub wired behind my dash, all hooked to a switch at the back of my center console. I’ve got an audio cable running from the Belkin charger up to the auxilary input of my car’s CD Player. So when I plug my iPod into the Belkin cable, it is supplied with power, as well as patched into my car’s audio system.

I also just got a DLO Leather case for my iPod, which I’m loving so far. The belt clip on the case fits perfectly in my Body Glove cell phone mount I have on my dash next to my CD Player. All in all, I think I’ve got a pretty slick iPod car mount setup.

I have to admit, the iPod delivers some pretty substancial base. My 2 12″ subs have never hit as hard as they do with the iPod supplying the source audio. However, while the lowest lows are exaggerated, the mid lows and mids sound like they’re cut dramatically. It’s not horrible sounding, but hopefully some time in the near future I’ll upgrade my head-unit (my Aiwa is nearly 5 years old now) with something that gives me more power over the EQ.

Chris Owens