Synergy: Multiplici-what?

Last night I got all excited about Multiplicity, and I still think it was an appropriate response on my part. However, someone pointed out that there’s no need to wait, and then pay for Multiplicity. There is already a free open-source application that does most of what Multiplicity claims to do. This application is called Synergy. Of course, Synergy feels like an open-source project as it lacks a very friendly user-interface, and has a few stated bugs. It does get the job done though! I got it working with my Windows desktop and OSX Powerbook tonight, and it is very exciting. I can control both computers with the same keyboard and mouse. Between the two computers, I have three displays… two belonging to the Windows machine.

Check out Synergy if you’ve got more than one machine and display laying around. If you desire more polish than it offers, at least play around with it until Multiplicity hits the market.

Chris Owens

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