Google Maps Adds Safari and Opera Support

There’s a post up at the Google Blog saying that the Maps team has been reading through blogs on the internet to find out what people think about the new Google Maps service. One request they’ve already implemented is support for the Safari and Opera browsers. I don’t see this as an added feature as much as a requirement for any modern web-service, but I’m looking forward to what user ideas they add in the near future.

Chris Owens


  1. and gmail now works in opera > 7.60

    unfortunately the latest linux version is only up to 7.50

    I guess safari support therefore means konquroer support? since that’s what safari is based on.

    now.. if only google maps had maps for more than one country :-)

  2. That’s great that they snow support Opera. WHen I was trying out during the last few weeks (to see what I might have been missing) I realized that GMail didn’t work and I almost stopped using the application alltogether.

    There are certain things on by default in Opera that I wish was not — and I feel they might have helped Opera in its forever struggles against its competitors, even before the Fox.


    BTW: Links blog is discontinued, see http://blog.sinceretheory.net.

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