Left Rear Dead on Logitech Z-680’s

Last night while watching Finding Nemo I noticed that I was getting no sound from my left rear speaker on my Logitech Z-680 surround sound speakers. After a ton of trouble-shooting I have determined that the output for this channel on the amp is dead. It is not the speaker, speaker wire, inputs, or software.

I headed to Logitech’s website and hit the product discussion forums to find that a few other people have had the exact same problem. I’m hoping I will be able to use my Best Buy replacement plan to get a new sub/amp. I don’t want to ship my speakers off to Logitech for three months to get fixed. If anyone else has had this problem, would you mind sending me an e-mail with your solution/fix? E-mail me at ocellnuri[at]hotmail[dot]com. I’ll keep the blog posted on how it all turns out. I want my 5 channels back!

Here is the link to the Logitech Product Discussion forums.

Logitech User Forums

Chris Owens

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  1. Hello! I ran into your post just now and I knwo it has been awhile but am having the same exact issue you did. I was hoping you could share whatever you end up doing as i am lost in how to proceed from here on, thanks in advance.

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