Logitech MX Duo – Mini-Review

I am currently using the Logitech MX Duo as my keyboard and mouse. And I have to say… it is awesome. The Logitech MX Duo consists of a wireless version of Logitech’s Elite keyboard and the MX700 wireless optical mouse. Both the keyboard and the mouse connect to the same base unit, which doubles as the charger for the mouse. My main attraction for the MX700 was the fact that it has a rechargable battery and docking cradle. Not only does this save you the trouble of changing batteries every few weeks, but it also gives the mouse a place to sit (in the cradle) while not in use, keeping it out of harm’s way. I feel like it is less likely to get knocked off the desk or lost if it has a place to sit while I’m not using it.

The mouse is outstanding. I feel that the MX700 is currently the best wireless optical mouse you can buy… period. It is fast, feels great, and has great features. I use it for games and there is no lag at all! The mouse has the standard right and left click buttons, as well as a wheel, wheel click, and 5 more buttons. All buttons can be customized in windows to do dozens of different functions. You can read more in depth reviews that outline the features of each button. I won’t take up the space here to go into it, but I’ll tell you, it changed the way I use my computer.

The keyboard has also changed my computing habits. The multimedia controls integrate directly with Winamp, or many other multimedia programs. There is a big volume wheel that lets me keep tabs on the volume at all times. The keys are quiet and feel great. There are also customizable hotkeys at the top of the keyboard that will do whatever you want them to do. Again, other reviews will go into more depth about the exact functions you can envoke. To me, the wireless lets me get in a comfortable typing position without having to worry about a wire trailing around my desk to my computer. I can sit at the desk, on my bed, or on the floor. I can even walk around the house, controling Winamp from any room. Wireless has given so much freedom to the computer! The keyboard does not have rechargable batteries, but it is supposed to run on one pair of AA’s for about 3 or 4 months. I can put up with changing batteries 4 times a year.

The products also match my black monitor perfectly. I love the black casing with silver highlights. Just the perfect asthetic for my rig. If you are in the market for a new keyboard and mouse, go ahead and plunk down the extra cash and grab the MX Duo. The MX700 mouse retails for $70 alone, so the $100 they charge for the MX Duo is an outstanding deal! The corded version of the keyboard runs $40, and I have not even seen the wireless version for sale as a stand alone product. If you get the MX Duo, you will not regret it. You may even find yourself wondering… Will I ever have to buy another mouse or keyboard again?

Chris Owens